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Pupford Review

Pupford’s company mission is to give every dog parent access to the best training resources and nutrition products. Alongside selling all-natural dehydrated dog food, training treats, and supplements, Pupford has partnered with YouTube’s number one dog trainer, Zak George, to provide a free dog training course.

Pupford’s dehydrated dog food is made from whole food ingredients - no grain fillers, meat meals, or fake meats. It is available in Chicken and Beef, as well as single portion samples, and is suitable for dogs in all life stages, including large breed animals that are 70+ pounds as an adult dog. The company also offers other pet products including freeze-dried sweet potato and beef liver dog treats to help while you train your dog.

Pupford Dog Food Review

In addition to pet food, several joint care supplements are available for different life stages, from puppy to senior dog.

Dehydrated All Natural Dog Food

Dehydrated dog food is minimally processed and made from real-food ingredients that have been dehydrated and freeze-dried.

Pupford Dehydrated Dog Dood

Unlike other dog food companies, Pupford chooses to dehydrate its ingredients instead of baking them. Traditional dry dog food, or kibble, loses a lot of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins in the baking process, and Pupford’s goal is to keep all those high-quality ingredients intact.

Additionally, dehydrated food maintains the natural flavor of the food’s ingredients like beef and chicken much better than baked dog food.

The Pupford Promise

Pupford stands behind its products and offers to exchange, replace, or refund any product, if the customer is unhappy. As long as pet owners return the item within 30 days, Pupford will issue customers a full refund.

Items must be unopened on second and subsequent orders.

Premium Ingredients

To give dogs the best nutrition possible, Pupford dog food uses Ingredient Synergy, meaning the ingredients work together to create a healthy digestive environment. Its food recipes include a natural balance of fruits, vegetables, and meats. This improvement in the digestive system can boost a dog’s immune system, improve digestive health, and can even improve their behavior.

Pupford Freeze Dried Training Treats

Pet owners can expect the following ingredients in a Pupford meal:

Dog owners can use Pupford’s dehydrated pet food as a full meal or as a topper to enhance their pet’s diet. All they have to do is scoop the suggested amount, add water, and let it sit for a minute.

It even comes with a suggested guide to help your canine transition to this new food.

Digital Dog Training Guide with Zak George

Pupford has teamed up with YouTube’s number one dog trainer, Zak George. The 30-Day Perfect Pup training class focuses on positive reinforcement and is all about pet owners creating a stronger relationship with their dog.

Zak George with Pupford Dog Food

With 15 years of experience training hundreds of dogs - of all ages and breeds - Zak George offers his expertise to all dog owners.

By signing up for the free class, pet owners will receive the following:

30 Days of Training

Dedicated Support

Training Membership Perks

What We didn't like

More Expensive Than Traditional Dry Kibble

Dog owners might be a little taken back by the prices of Pupford's meals. The 9-lb bag costs $70 and a 4-lb bag costs $35.

However, even though the pet owners will be paying more, the 9-lb bag of dehydrated food makes over 34-lbs of wet dog food and has a shelf life of 12-18 months.

The Bottom Line

Dog owners looking for food that will help improve their dog’s health should look into Pupford’s dehydrated meals. The process Pupford takes to ensure that the meals don’t lose essential nutrients is impressive and great for pet owners wanting a product with a longer shelf life.

Pupford Medium Dog Grand Pack

Even though Pupford’s meals appear to be more expensive than other dog food companies, dog owners will want to consider all the benefits. The meals are smaller and lighter - making them easier to store - and the dry food powder can make over 34 pounds of prepared wet food.

Pupford teaming up with Zak George is a unique factor that sets it apart from other companies. The company not only genuinely cares about giving dogs the proper nutrition - so they can live a long and healthy life - but also about giving pet parents access to the best training resources.

Pupford meals are formulated for dogs of all ages, made from high-quality ingredients, and packed with essential nutrients, making it an excellent choice for your pet.