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Nom Nom Review

Nom Nom was founded in 2015 by a group of animal lovers. The company creates and delivers fresh, human-grade, customized home-cooked meals for your dog to ensure they live happy, healthy, and long lives.

Nom Nom (formerly NomNomNow) is a pet food subscription service for dogs and cats! All of meals are made with restaurant-quality ingredients, no artificial preservatives or fillers and portions are optimized to provide your dog with the ideal balance for his age, weight, activity level, breed, as well as any known health issues.

Nom Nom Review

The meals are cooked weekly in the company's kitchen, individually portioned, and arrive fresh, at your door and ready to serve.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Nom Nom only uses whole food ingredients that are sourced in the USA and USDA approved for human consumption. They use a nutrients mix which was developed by Dr. Justin Shmalberg to ensure meals are completely balanced. Each recipe includes a custom mixture of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Choline, and Taurine. All recipes are made fresh weekly with restaurant quality ingredients, gently cooked for safety and digestibility.

Nom Nom recently opened of a 67,000-square foot production kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee to meet the demands of orders on the East Coast. This location is seven-times larger than the company's original processing facility in Pittsburg, California.

Nom Nom Chicken Chow-Wow

Every meal is prepared fresh in kitchen facilities Nom Nom owns and operates in either Nashville, Tennessee and the San Francisco Bay Area of California. They never outsource to third parties and inspect and test every ingredient for safety, as well as provide only the highest quality meals from small, made-to-order batches.

How Does Nom Nom Dog Food Work?

To get started with Nom Nom, you will need to create a profile for your dog, which asks you to provide their current weight, target weight, age and recipe selection. The cost ultimately depends on the size of your dog.

For every pound of pup you enter, the price will go up. Your first trial order will be 20% off and increase on your next delivery.

Nom Nom Discount

Nom Nom offers a variety pack for dogs box, which allows potential customers to receive four meals for only $15 per pack. You can also choose to order half meal options which will save you 43% off your dogs plan overall.

Once your dog's profile is set up, you will be notified via email when your order ships and provided a tracking number.

Next you will receive your shipment with the samples of the dog food options they offer. You are also able to rotate your dog's food choices before each delivery.

Once you have tried the samples and selected your dog's meal type, you will receive shipments every two weeks, of 28 individual packets of food, which arrive fresh, and packed in dry ice to keep it cool.

Nom Nom Box with Fresh Pet food

Nom Nom has two automatic delivery options: bi-weekly, and monthly deliveries depending on how much food your dog receives.

Managing your account is easy and you are able to log in to pause your subscription up to two weeks in advance or the next two deliveries.

You are also able to request extra meals for travel or even have meals delivered to a different address. If you need to cancel your subscription you will need to contact customer service at 415-991-0669 or care@nomnomnow.com.

The Down Side of Nom Nom Dog Food

Like all other fresh dog foods, Nom Nom food packets do need to be refrigerated which makes it hard to travel with.

Nom Nom Dog Food is also a pricey dog food option. While it may not be the highest priced fresh dog food, subscription service, it is one of the most expensive. They also only offer free shipping after you spend $30, which is easy to do.

Is Nom Nom Good Dog Food?

Yes. It is probably one of the best human grade, fresh dog foods on the market. Their recipes are made with USDA Grade A ingredients that are approved for human consumption and each ingredient is gently cooked separately to ensure it maintains its optimal nutrient capacity.

Nom Nom Pet Food Packs

They have several meal options for dogs of all shapes and sizes, convenient packaging, flexible delivery schedule, easy-to-use website and variety packs as well as half meals available, just to name a few.

Would We Subscribe to Nom Nom Dog Food?

Yes and we have been a Nom Nom subscriber for over a year now and have seen improvements in all of our pets. Because Nom Nom is a bit pricey, we a fan of the half food plans. We can add the Nom Nom food to our dogs kibble and feel better knowing they is getting healthy food.

Microbiome Test Kit Review

In addition to food packets and jerky samples, we were sent a Microbiome Test Kit. Microbes can contribute to pet illnesses if there are disruptions to a healthy balance in the microbiome, which is in the gut. It is explained that observing which microbes live in your pet's gut can be tested in a noninvasive manner by evaluating stool.

The instructions say to take a sample or your pets stool and place it in the tube provided.

Nom Nom Microbiome Test Kit

They also provide a small prepaid envelope to send it off to be tested. Once the test is done, you will receive a report of your pet's microbiome after it has been sequenced.

Included in the report are measures of the microbiome's diversity, its composition, and a comparison with other healthy dogs.

The Bottom Line

It is true that this food is pricy. But it is also super nutritious and convenient. While we can’t say we would 100% switch our pet over (mainly due to expense). We also think this subscription makes a lot more sense if you have a smaller dog. Our dog, for example, is around 11 lbs and if she wasn’t already on a prescription diet we would totally sign her up. Our pet absolutely loved this food though, so we might have to get him another month or two. It is just too easy to add to his dry food and he literally dances when we start to open a pouch!