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Healthy Best Friend Review

Here at Healthy Best Friend, company owners make a great effort to combine quality pet care products with quality customer service.

Healthy Best Friend are incredibly confident that pet owners that choose Balanced Canine will be more than satisfied!

Who are they?

They are a team of USA based veterinarians and dog enthusiasts, who have come together to help create something great. Our formula has been rigorously tested and approved as a powerfully potent dog supplement. In the pursuit of enhancing the quality of life for your pet pals, Healthy Best Friend was born.

Their Mission

Everyday is a mission for their to spread valuable information on how you can keep your canine best friend, healthy, fit and active. It is their passion and they take it seriously. If everyone was more educated on how subpar kibble and pet food could be affecting your pets health, the world would be a better place for dogs.

What Is Balanced Canine?

Healthy Best Friend Balanced Canine

Balanced Canine is the most popular product of the company. Our canine pals have become a part of the family. They deserve nothing but the best, most nutritious meals to help them live a long and healthy life. Therefore their team of highly passionate veterinarians researched and developed a complex dog supplement that will ensure your pet pals get all the enriched nutrients they need to stay with us for as long as possible.

Everything from Pumpkin to Organic Kelp has been included to serve a specific purpose. Simply sprinkle the recommended dosage on top of your dog's food to create a wonderfully power packed meal.

Features of Balanced Canine

What's inside Balanced Canine?

Balanced Canine Supplement Facts

How much to feed the dog?

To slowly introduce Balanced Canine into your dog's daily meal, we recommend starting with half the suggested serving size for at least the first week.

The suggested serving is as follows:

Is this product safe for human consumption

Balanced Canine is intended to be consumed by dogs, we ask that humans please don't try it for themselves.

What flavor is Balanced Canine?

Balanced Canine is beef liver flavored and all of our pups here at Healthy Best Friend can attest to how yummy it is! If your pup is extra finicky feel free to add a few sprinkles of broth for extra flavor.

Why Are They The Best?

Simply stated, they care from the bottom of our hearts. Their dog food supplements are the best and most nutritious on the market because we are dog lovers just like you. They have simply want the best for our pets and yours too. Plus the highest safety standards possible, with all of their products formulated in GMP certified USA manufacturing facilities.