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A Pup Above Review

If you want to give your dog the gift of a long and healthy life, upgrade to a higher quality diet and consider fresh dog food. There are plenty of fresh food companies out there, but today we want to introduce you to A Pup Above.

A Pup Above (formerly known as Grocery Pup) is a fresh dog food subscription born and bred in Texas. They source ingredients from around the USA to ensure that everything is human-grade, non-GMO, and pesticide free. Their dog meals are cooked sous-vide to lock in the nutrients, taste, and texture of its meats, whole vegetables, and fruits. Each box is delivered right to your door on a subscription basis, or you can test it out via their sampler pack. If you love sous vide meals, you'd better believe your dog will!

A Pup Above Review

Fresh dog food is simply one of the most nutritious options out there according to pet nutrition experts. Especially when made in small batches and cooked at low temperatures, fresh dog food recipes tend to be more nutritious and better for your dog than the average kibble.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about their fresh dog food products and how to order it:

What Products Do They Offer?

Right now, A Pup Above only makes fresh food for dogs. They currently offer four fresh dog food recipes, each featuring a single source of premium animal protein. Every recipe is made with USDA ingredients including non-GMO produce and made in human food facilities.

A Pup Above currently offers the following four recipes:

A Pup Above Dog Food

What makes A Pup Above dog food unique, even among other fresh dog food delivery services, is that they use the sous-vide cooking method.

The sous-vide cooking method enables A Pup Above to include up to 67% more protein than other fresh food recipes. It involves preparing the ingredients and portioning them into BPA-free packages before cooking them in non-boiling water for over two hours. This process enhances the flavor and eliminates bacteria while preserving the nutritional value of the ingredients.

Where is Food Produced?

A Pup Above's fresh dog food recipes are made in a USDA inspected human food facility in Texas. This facility is audited regularly by the USDA and it is BRC certified. Every batch of food is tested for E.coli, listeria, salmonella, and other food-borne pathogens. A Pup Above uses only human-grade ingredients and processes that adhere to human food standards.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, A Pup Above sources their ingredients locally whenever possible. Many of their ingredients come from trusted farms in the United States, though some ingredients are sourced from other countries (never China), depending on the growing season. Their suppliers are required to provide proof of origins and adhere to strict standards for screening, handling, cleaning, and more.

A Pup Above never uses fillers, feed-grade ingredients, preservatives, by-products, or artificial flavorings and they don't process their food to be shelf-stable. This means the food is cooked at lower temperatures to preserve the nutritional value for your dog.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you've done some price comparisons before, you already know that dog food can be expensive. But what's the difference between a top-shelf brand and a bottom-shelf brand? In some cases, there's not much difference at all. So, how do you really know what you're paying for?

With A Pup Above, you have a short list of whole-food ingredients and you know where the food comes from and how it is made. That information is worth its weight in gold.

If you want to give your dog the best, you should be prepared to pay for it.

The cost to feed your dog A Pup Above varies depending on his size and calorie needs. You can purchase any of the four recipes in 3-pound bags for $34.99 or in 7-pound bags for $69.99. A sample pack of 3-pound bags costs about $130. For dog, A Pup Above recommends about 1 pound of a fresh dog food per day.

If you choose to subscribe for regular deliveries, you'll get 25% off the 7-pound bag or 10% off the 3-pound bag. This takes the regular $69.99 price for a 7-pound bag down to $52.49 each.

Should You Trust A Pup Above?

When shopping for dog food, it's important to do your research. Pet food manufacturers are businesses like any other, so they sometimes use misleading marketing tactics to make a sale.

A Pup Above Grain Free Dog Food

Part of your research when evaluating a new brand should be a check of the brand's recall history.

The pet food industry is regulated by the FDA when it comes to details like labeling and food safety. If a product doesn't accurately reflect what's on the label or it if fails certain tests for things like food-borne pathogens, either the FDA or the company itself may issue a recall. Having a recall or two isn't necessarily an indication of a bad brand, but it could be considered a red flag.

Fortunately, A Pup Above has had no recalls in its history. This can probably be attributed to the brand's commitment to safety, evidenced by their use of high-quality ingredients and with their own commitment to testing. A Pup Above also makes their products themselves in human food facilities.

How To You Order at A Pup Above?

Not everyone is ready to make a long-term commitment to fresh dog food. If you're just trying it out or you aren't sure what recipe your dog is going to like, you may want to make a one-time purchase. Fortunately, A Pup Above makes this easy. Just select the recipe you want to try, choose your bag size (3 or 7 pounds,) and add the desired number of bags to your cart. If you want to subscribe, simply select the "Subscribe & Save" option instead of "One-Time Purchase."

If you're not ready to start a subscription and you don't want to wait for shipping, you might be able to find A Pup Above in a retailer near you. Use the Store Locator on the website to check.

A Pup Above Store Locator

A Pup Above Dog Food Pros and Cons

By now we hope you've learned some of the basics, at least enough to know that A Pup Above is a trustworthy company that has great products to offer.

That being said, it's your job as a responsible dog owner to make a smart choice on your dog's behalf. You should consider the good and bad for any dog food company before you go all-in.



A Pup Above FAQs

Is A Pup Above a good option for dogs with food allergies?

Yes, A Pup Above can be a good option for dogs with food allergies. They use all human-grade ingredients and each recipe is made with a single source of protein. Two of A Pup Above’s recipes are grain-free and all are made with non-GMO produce with no artificial additives. If you know what your dog is allergic to, you can simply pick a recipe free from that ingredient.

Is A Pup Above grain-free?

A Pup Above offers four different fresh dog food recipes, two of which are grain-free: Beef Stew and Pork’s Luau. Both Turkey Pawella and Chicka Chicken Bow Wow contain rice.

A Pup Above Texas Beef Stew

How do I get samples of A Pup Above dog food?

A Pup Above offers the option to make a single purchase of their fresh dog food recipes or to start a subscription. You also have the option to purchase a sampler back that includes 3- or 7-pound bags of all four of their recipes. The 3-pound sampler costs about $130 and the 7-pound sampler costs $260.

Can I control my subscription online?

Yes, you can create an account when you order or start a subscription and you can control your account online. GA Pup Above allows you to adjust your subscription and delivery schedule as needed and customer service is always available for assistance if you need it.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes, A Pup Above is highly committed to keeping their practices both ethical and sustainable. This company sources their ingredients locally and uses renewable energy as much as possible. When it comes to their packaging, everything is 100% recyclable. In fact, A Pup Above has partnered with TerraCycle to provide free shipping for customers who want to recycle their used food pouches.

The Bottom Line

In the end, all that really matters is your dog is happy and healthy. We're not trying to convince you that A Pup Above is the best fresh dog food out there, but we definitely think it's worthy of your consideration. Our goal is to provide you with the unbiased information you need to decide for yourself.